Neurogram® 5, the Analist


Analysts want to keep their analyses to themselves.

Not Giving

On the same line they tend not to give to others what is theirs, i.e. their time and energy.

Pathological Detachment

Analysts fear to lose their personal freedom. In order to maintain their sense of freedom they detach themselves from material gains. They’d rather live with the bare minimum than feel they are being leveraged by a big salary, expensive car or in any other way.

Fear of Engulfment

The same goes for personal relationships. Analysts tend to keep people at a distance out of fear of being engulfed by the other and thereby losing oneself and his or her personal freedom.


Analysts are self-sufficient and have no problem being alone.


Both good and bad feelings are kept at a distance. It’s pretty hard for analysts to feel feelings.

Postponement of Action

An analyst wants to feel safe by studying a subject fully before committing it to any action. Rather than actually do stuff, they will study it over and over again. There is always one more thing one can learn about a subject before action can be taken safely.

Cognitive Orientation

Knowledge is more important than feelings or action.

Sense of Emptiness

Having pushed their feelings away into the distance a sense of emptiness remains.

High Super-ego

Analysts have clear rules and ideals that should be followed, based on their own analysis.


Any proper analysis of the current world situation moves the analyst towards negativism. This can be a sliding scale from irony to sarcasm and to full blown cynicism.


I just love models full of paradoxes. Even with their feeling pushed aside, analysts are still hypersensitive. Any combination of the right or wrong words and the analyst is in tears. They tend to be rather emotionally withdrawn on the big issues but hypersensitive to the small things in life.

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