Neurogram® 8, the Boss


Lust for life. Lust for sex. It’s important for Bosses to have a strong sense of being alive. This doesn’t mean that you have to feel good. Pain can tell you are alive, too!


For a type VIII Boss, the world is a smoking pit where every man must fight for himself. Think of Mad Max, if you have seen the movie. Bosses will enforce their own rules in their own environment and they will punish whoever breaks them.


Bosses are stubborn people and they will rebel against any authority that challenges their own worldview.


You either eat or are eaten. Hence you need to dominate the scene or else bad things will happen to you.


All that matters is that you get what you are after. Who cares about what other people feel while you grab what you can grab.

Seductively Pleasing

Hedonists don’t like conflicts. So they will please you whenever they can. But they want you to join them in their hedonistic activities. So they’ll start to seduce you to do more and more fun things.

Conning and Cynicism

Hey, the good world died a long time ago. Nothing but dust and ashes remain. If you can get what you want by conning, hey man, go for it!


It’s important to show who is boss in a group.


Bosses don’t need anyone else to survive.

Sensory-motor dominance

Bosses are very physical. Their body is their fortress. If their body gets sick they feel betrayed and lost.

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