Neurogram® 7, the Hedonist


Too much is always better than not enough.

Hedonistic Permissiveness

If it feels good it should be okay to do it or to continue doing it. When the neighbours start complaining about the loud noise at 4 am it is okay because we are having fun.


Any order must be overthrown.

Lack of Discipline

Discipline sounds like doing the same things over and over again. In other words: boring!

Imaginary Wish-Fulfillment

There is no need for actually achieving your desires. If you can imagine how it would feel if your wishes had been fulfilled this is more than enough to really enjoy yourself.

Seductively Pleasing

Hedonists don’t like conflicts. So they will please you whenever they can. But they want you to join them in their hedonistic activities. So they’ll start to seduce you to do more and more fun things.


In the end the only thing that counts is whether the Hedonist is having fun. Nothing else matters.


Hedonists can become very enthusiastic about their own ideas, no matter how grandiose they are. They are very capable of transferring this enthusiasm on to you. And they will persuade you to finance their enterprises and go along with things that on looking back would not have been very clever of you.


Because the Hedonist knows from the start that his or her ideas are grandiose and not very realistic, the fact that they will infuse you with their enthusiasm for it anyway and sell you their ideas, means that in the end they will be fraudulent.

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