Neurogram® 2, the Helper


Helpers won’t easily admit that they are proud. They are just too proud to admit it. Same with feeling bad, they won't admit it out of pride. One of the reasons most Helpers tend to cry secretly when they are alone at home.

Love Need

Helpers tend to have a desperate need for love. That’s the reason they help you so much. Just to feel loved. Easiest way to satisfy a Helper? Just hug him or her and pat him or her on the back. He or she will be most pleased.


Helpers like to experience pleasure. Whether it’s sexual, drinks or festivities, they like to have fun.


Another way that Helpers tend to satisfy their hunger for love and attention is to be seductive. Go out with a Helper and you will notice how he or she will try to attract as many people as possible. Most of the time of the opposite sex.


As sweet and cosy as they can seem at times, when a Helper has decided that it is time his or her will should be done, a sudden rush of assertiveness comes into play. The Helper will push his or her will through no matter what the cost and keep on nagging till you give in.


The Helper is at his or her best when someone is in need. Especially in the case of ailments. When they can care for you, they deeply know that you must love them for it. Caring, the Helper is at his or her best.

False Abundance

Again their pride comes into play. Even when a Helper is as poor as a rat, he or she has to keep the image intact that everything is well. They’d rather buy you dinner than admit that financially all isn’t going as well as things look.

Impressionable Emotionality

Helpers have strong emotional fits that seem to come out of the blue. All of a sudden a Helper can burst out in tears (it just happens to be in a private place, off course). Fortunately, it is as easy for a Helper to have these strong emotional outbursts as it is for them to feel good again.

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