Neurogram® 6, the Loyalist

Fear, Cowardice and Anxiety

Loyalists have a sixth sense for danger. They will look for the emergency exit whenever they enter a theatre. They will be too much of a coward to confront rowdy people. And more often than not they have all kinds of anxieties. Not in the least about their own physical health. Talk about hypochondria.

Over-alert Hyperintentionality

Loyalists tend to search for a hidden meaning behind everything you tell them. Even little unconscious gestures will be subject to close inspection to find the real message behind the imagined façade.

Theoretical Orientation

Fearful as the world is, the Loyalist likes to have a theoretical model of the situation. The better the model is the more grip a Loyalist has.

Ingratiating Friendliness

Loyalists are so friendly. Too bad the reason behind this friendliness is that they are scared. They’d rather have you as a friend than as an enemy. And having a lot of friends means you can travel in packs. So that when a real enemy appears you are not alone. Together we can win this fight.


Fixed behavioural patterns make for safe living.

Orientation to Authority and Ideals

Most of the time Loyalists have a clear picture in their mind of both the social and the career ladder. They will know what “upstairs” wants to hear and they will enforce rules and regulations “downstairs”. But with a rebellious streak. They tend to make crude and agonizing comments on the management, but only when they can get away with it safely.

Accusation of Self and Others

First in line to point out who has failed where and when. Doesn’t exclude him or her self though.

Doubt and Ambivalence

The problem for Loyalists is that they know that once you have committed yourself to some action it can go wrong. And that alone is dangerous in itself. Best to doubt as long as possible and check with others how they would handle things.

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