Neurogram® 1, the Perfectionist


Perfectionist gets angry very quickly. What happens is that they wake up each morning and see how perfect the word could be but within seconds realize that, just like yesterday, it isn’t as wonderful as it could have been and that it is all their fault. So they start by getting angry at themselves. But soon they’ll think “hey, wait a minute. It’s not just my fault. It’s your fault too!” And then they get angry at you too. It’s like a pressure cooker. The pressure builds up and up and suddenly it explodes. Even though type I people tend to think that they are reasonable and calm, the other party involved thinks World War III has just erupted. Perfectionists tend to underestimate their own aggression.


If you always know things better, you tend to become a bit critical. Not just of others, but of yourself, too.


The operative word for perfectionists is “must”. The world must become perfect. You must do as they tell you. It’s hard for a perfectionist to get in touch with what he or she wants. Most of the time this is translated into what “must” be done, rather than into admitting it’s just what they want.


Aggression, criticality and demandingness are aspects that almost automatically lead to someone who wants to dominate the situation. Eh, I mean must dominate it for our own good, or so a Perfectionist would tell you.


Obvious for Perfectionists. But note that Perfectionists are hardly ever perfect. Let alone for themselves. If they achieve their own level of expectation, they won’t be satisfied but will just raise the bar.


Perfectionists want to control everything. If they don’t do things themselves, it won’t be done as well as it possibly could. So they must be in control. Of course they do have everything under control except for this tendency to be in control. That is totally out of control. It freaks them out when you point this out to them.


Realize, whenever a Perfectionist criticises you, that he or she has done this to himself or herself twice over. They are their own critics first of all.


Perfectionists are hard workers, if the people around them work hard, too. They can be very disciplined.

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