Neurogram® 4, the Romantic


They’ll never admit it, these “romantic” types, but behind their façade they are bloody and cold materialists. If the neighbour has a more expensive car, they want one too. If a co-worker earns more money, they want it too. Try it with their jealousy for the other persons feelings and they'll agree with you.

Poor Self-Image

Romantics tend to have a poor self-image. Doubting whether they can do what is expected of them and whether they can make the right decisions.

Focus on Suffering

Romantics indulge themselves in their suffering. They kind of like the feel for it. “Oh, this is painful, I like it”. They don’t do this in the least to blame you for it, so that they can ask for amendments.

Moving Toward”

Romantics are very much focused on other people. What do they think of me?


Romantics are great mothers, even if they are male. They tend to nurture their flock very well.


Passions run free in the Romantic. Not only can they become very sad easily (moving towards melancholia) but they are easily angered, too.


L’art pour l’art” sounds good, but if it doesn’t wield any concrete results, type III workers will tend to shove it aside. Only things that have a strong probability of some decent return on investment gain the Successful Worker’s attention.

Competitive Arrogance

Romantics like fights, races and other matches. Especially emotional ones. When you get angry at a Romantic, he or she will respond by being twice as angry at you. “What, you are angry with me? Let me show you how angry I can be with you!”


Romantics want love and attention but their strategy to get it is different than that of the type II, the Helper. Romantics want to be special. Refinement is one way of becoming more special than others.

Artistic Interests

In order to be special Romantics want to become a living work of art. Hence their romantic interest in the arts in general.

Strong Superego

Not such unrealistic perfectionism as with type I, the Perfectionist, but Romantics still have pretty strong ideals. For which they will fight hard too.

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