Neurogram® 3, the Successful Worker

Attention Need and Vanity

Workers want to be in the spotlight. They want to be noticed. They spend a lot of time and energy thinking about what others would think of them. In order to make sure that everything looks all right they spend a lot of time on their looks.

Achieving Orientation

Success is everything. People will only notice and love you for what you have achieved. There is no place for losers.

Social Sophistication and Skill

But looks aren’t everything: in order to look good, you have to know how to behave well too. Knowing what to do and say socially and do it with refinement and skill will ensure you of this in public's eye.

Cultivation of Sexual Attractiveness

Success in business or politics is great but it wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t achieve success with the opposite sex, too. Sex appeal remains important, no matter how high or oval your office might be.

Deceit and Image Manipulation

It’s not so much that type III workers lie out straight (as type II Helpers tend to do, forced to do so by their pride). It’s more that they are very creative with reality. Knowing very well that reality is what you make of it, the ability to put yourself and your work in a positive light is immensely valuable.

Other Directedness

What is success if there is no one to compliment you on it? Hence a strong affiliation to other people.


L’art pour l’art” sounds good, but if it doesn’t wield any concrete results, type III workers will tend to shove it aside. Only things that have a strong probability of some decent return on investment gain the Successful Worker’s attention.

Active Vigilance

Unlike the Perfectionist who has to have everything under control, the Successful Worker doesn’t as much want to have things under control as he or she wants to know what’s happening.


In the end only the bottom line matters. In the most superficial cases this really means just dollars.

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